3 AI scenarios that keep Dominic Cummings awake at night

It turns out that Boris Johnson’s top strategist has more than just Brexit on his mind.

In blog posts published over the past few years, Dominic Cummings takes on some of the major discussions in artificial intelligence — including the question of whether robots could at some point surpass human intelligence and turn us into their pets.

In such an AI-dominated future, swarms of autonomous killer robots could ravage the world while “lookalikes” of actress Milla Jovovich, who played a zombie killer in the “Resident Evil” series, try to break into AI research centers, according to scenarios that Cummings sketches out in blog entries.

“I obviously cannot judge competing expert views” on whether such predictions will become true and if AI systems will, indeed, turn evil at some point, he writes. But examples and researchers he quotes suggest that the 48-year-old, who became known after a film fictionalized his key role in the 2016 Brexit campaign, is deeply worried about what will happen once so-called artificial general intelligence, which has surpassed and combined human-level intelligence in a broad array of areas, becomes a reality.

His writing also provides clues for how Cummings plans to make sure the United Kingdom — long considered Europe’s front-runner in developing AI applications — remains on top of the field once the country leaves the EU.

The U.K. should boost spending on AI, Cummings believes. And the country should get better at making tech giants pay taxes.

1. Becoming America’s or China’s “AI colony”

If the U.K. fails to keep pace in a global race for AI supremacy,

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