4 Brexit Party MEPs ditch Nigel Farage and back Conservatives

John Longworth, Brexit Party MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber | Andy Rain/EPA

4 Brexit Party MEPs ditch Nigel Farage and back Conservatives

Brexit Party suggests the 4 splitters have made deals with the Conservative Party.


12/5/19, 2:40 PM CET

Updated 12/5/19, 3:21 PM CET

LONDON — The Brexit Party was plunged into chaos when four of its MEPs resigned to back the Conservative Party in the general election.

The rebels, led by Yorkshire and the Humber MEP John Longworth, condemned Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage over his electoral strategy at a press conference in Westminster on Thursday, and called on him to stand candidates down in scores of Conservative target seats ahead of the December 12 ballot.

In a letter to Farage, the MEPs said: “We believe the Brexit Party has taken a wrong turn and is itself putting Brexit in jeopardy. We believe the current Brexit Party strategy risks the U.K. remaining in the European Union and that is not something we feel able to support.”

seat-by-seat poll by YouGov released last week said the Brexit Party is hurting the Conservatives more than Labour in some ultra-close marginal seats. It listed constituencies such as Sedgefield, Bolton North East, and Gower as where the Brexit Party “currently look to be holding the Conservatives back.”

The three MEPs who joined Longworth were Annunziata Rees-Mogg (East Midlands, and the sister of Tory Brexiteer Jacob), Lance Forman (London) and Lucy Harris (also Yorkshire and the Humber).

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