Boris Johnson calls on Britain to ‘heal’ after Brexit turmoil

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson | Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images

Boris Johnson calls on Britain to ‘heal’ after Brexit turmoil

Prime minister seeks to extend olive branch to those who don’t want to leave the EU.


12/13/19, 4:54 PM CET

Updated 12/13/19, 5:02 PM CET

LONDON — Boris Johnson said Friday that Britain should unite after three years of angry debate over Brexit, declaring: “Let the healing begin.”

In a speech on the steps of Downing Street after winning a decisive majority at the general election, the Conservative leader and U.K. prime minister made a specific pitch to his detractors, including those who do not want Brexit.

“I want you to know that we in this one nation Conservative government will never ignore your good and positive feelings of warmth and sympathy towards the other nations of Europe,” he told the country. “Because now is the moment, precisely as we leave the EU, to let those natural feelings find renewed expression in building a new partnership, which is one of the great projects for next year.”

He added: “I frankly urge everyone on either side of what, after three and a half years, [has been] an increasingly arid argument … to find closure, and to let the healing begin.”

Johnson said the “overwhelming priority” of the British people was to protect the National Health Service, and he pledged to boost education and trade and combat terrorism.

But he noted that after a five-week election campaign “this country deserves a break from wrangling,

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