Boris Johnson looks to an election with promise to make UK ‘greatest place on earth’

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson | Pool photo by Jeremy Selwyn/AFP via Getty Images

Boris Johnson looks to an election with promise to make UK ‘greatest place on earth’

‘The only legitimate way to sort Brexit now is to let the people decide with a final say,’ Jeremy Corbyn says.


10/14/19, 5:54 PM CET

Updated 10/14/19, 10:00 PM CET

LONDON — Boris Johnson thinks Brexit can make Britain great again.

The queen’s speech, the ritualistic state opening of the U.K. parliament in which the monarch sets out the government’s plan for legislation, was dominated by Brexit Monday, with both leaders of the two main parties eyeing a likely general election.

In a foreword to the speech published shortly after the queen spoke, the prime minister pledged to use Brexit to make the U.K. “the greatest place on earth.”

“Let’s not wait, we can’t wait, let’s get Brexit done,” he told MPs later Monday afternoon, adding that Brexit would allow the U.K. to “regulate differently and better,” develop its own immigration system and control its fisheries and agricultural policy.

The queen set out the policy priorities of Johnson’s government in a list of 26 bills, covering domestic policy including crime, immigration, health and the environment.

The speech comes as negotiators intensify talks in a push to get a deal between the U.K. and the EU agreed before European leaders meet in Brussels Thursday.

However, the Labour leader attacked the government for presenting an agenda that is unlikely to go anywhere until there is a general election.

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