Boris Johnson rallies the troops after tough day 1 of election race

BIRMINGHAM, England — Boris Johnson has already had to try and get the Conservative Party’s election campaign back on track — and it’s only a day old.

The British prime minister rallied the troops on Wednesday night as he promised to push his Brexit deal through parliament from “day one” if he wins the general election on December 12.

“If I come back with a working majority in parliament, then I will get parliament working for you. On day one of the new parliament in December, we will start getting our deal through so we get Brexit done in January and put the uncertainty behind us,” he said.

At an event in Birmingham, his first of the campaign, Johnson also issued a thinly veiled jibe at Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage, taking aim at “some people” who have attacked his deal (Farage has urged the PM to ditch his plan and go for a no-deal Brexit).

“My friends, they are like candle-sellers at the dawn of the electric light bulb,” he said. “Or the makers of typewriters on beholding their first laptop computer. They have a terrible sense that they are about to lose their market. This deal delivers everything that I campaigned for.”

Boris Johnson’s speech came at the end of a tough day for the Tories.

Johnson was speaking to hundreds of Tory activists while flanked by Cabinet ministers in a conference center campaign hall that was far too big even for a prime minister to fill. With its giant screens and enormous banners, as well as Tories in T-shirts bearing campaign slogans and waving placards,

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