Boris Johnson’s women problem

LONDON — British women may not be convinced by Boris.

If Boris Johnson fails to win a majority in the U.K.’s general election on December 12, many may look to his unpopularity among women for an explanation.

While the Conservatives have consistently led the polls, the contest is still unpredictable, with one pollster, Datapraxis boss Paul Hilder, telling Reuters he had never seen so many undecided votes so late in a campaign.

British women are more likely than men not to have made up their mind, according to YouGov’s political research manager Chris Curtis, and so are less likely to show up in polling. They are just as likely as men to vote, however.

Of those whose views are captured by polls, women are, on average, less sold on the prime minister. Just 38 percent of women have a favorable view of Johnson, according to the most recent YouGov findings, compared to 46 percent of men.

“The more affluent people are, the more they seem to have a problem with Boris — particularly women” — Senior minister

“The data has consistently shown that Boris Johnson does not poll as well amongst women as he does amongst men,” according to Curtis.

While much is made in Westminster of the prime minister’s personal style and alleged sexism, Curtis also pointed to Brexit as part of the reason for the gender divide.

Curtis suggested the gap could be partly down to the fact that women are more likely than men to oppose a no-deal Brexit.

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