Brexit: Corbyn warns of ‘complete mess’ in new year message

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Brexit is a “complete mess” and the country “cannot go on like this”, Jeremy Corbyn has said in his new year’s message to the country.

The Labour leader said Theresa May had let down down both Leave and Remain voters by trying to “drive a bad deal” through Parliament over the UK’s exit.

Meanwhile, Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable has urged those seeking another referendum to “keep fighting”.

No 10 said there was “still work to do” on building support for the PM’s deal.

Downing Street said the prime minister had spoken to European leaders over the festive period as she seeks to address the concerns of many Tory MPs about the withdrawal agreement.

MPs are due to vote on the deal in the Commons in mid-January.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March 2019 but there is uncertainty as to what will happen if MPs reject the UK’s withdrawal agreement.

The opposition is seeking to force a general election by voting down the deal and calling a vote of no confidence in the government.

Mr Corbyn, who has said Labour would seek to re-open negotiations with Brussels to pursue a better outcome, said the Conservatives had “plunged the country into crisis”.

He accused the government of “trying to drive through a bad deal and letting people down all across the country whether they voted leave or remain”.

Only Labour, he claimed, was capable of uniting the UK, with policies to tackle inequality and job insecurity.

“Eight years of damaging Tory failure has left us with a divided country where millions are struggling to make ends meet,” he said. “We cannot go on like this.

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In 2019, let's rebuild Britain for the many, not the few.

— Jeremy Corbyn (@jeremycorbyn) December 31, 2018


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“Labour is ready to deliver a radical alternative to rebuild and transform our country. We will stand up to the powerful few so the wealth you create is shared fairly not hoarded by a privileged elite.

“We will work to create a society where the talent of everyone is unleashed. That is how we will unite our country.”

‘Keep fighting’

In his end-of-year message, Sir Vince Cable has insisted Brexit can be stopped as he urged fellow supporters of another referendum on the UK’s future in Europe to “keep fighting”.

“The history books will look back on the coming three months as critical,”

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