Brexit-distracted Tories lose voter trust on core issues: poll

U.K. Prime Minister speaking during a Cabinet meeting in 2018 | Pool photo by Danny Lawson/WPA via Getty Images

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Brexit-distracted Tories lose voter trust on core issues: poll

Despite all her problems, Theresa May seen as a better choice for leader than Jeremy Corbyn.


4/7/19, 6:00 PM CET

Updated 4/8/19, 7:19 AM CET

LONDON — As the U.K.’s Conservatives struggle to deliver Brexit, an exclusive poll for POLITICO suggests the party has lost the trust of voters on core issues.

In swing seats across the country, the Tories are trailing Labour on the central issues people most care about, the new POLITICO-Hanbury tracker poll conducted in battleground constituencies has found. But despite the negative view of the party and its handling of Brexit, Theresa May is still seen as the stronger leader compared to her opposition counterpart Jeremy Corbyn. 

With efforts to break the Brexit impasse in parliament yet to bear fruit, both parties are studying the polls closely. One way out of the crisis might be a general election — either called by May herself or forced on her by the opposition and disgruntled Brexiteers on her backbenches. But the results of POLITICO’s first election battleground tracker poll reveal the deep structural problem now facing the Conservative Party, which has fallen behind on the bread-and-butter issues seen as the most pressing nationally.

According to the poll of four “clusters” of constituencies in London, the East Midlands, the North West and Scotland carried out between February 28 and March 22, there is deep national discontent with the two main parties.

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