Brexit ‘divergences’ remain after intensive talks

The U.K. and EU said “divergences” remain in Brexit trade talks following two weeks of intensive negotiations.

U.K. chief negotiator David Frost said on Twitter that “wide” gaps remained on “some core issues,” but he insisted there had been “progress made.”

His EU counterpart Michel Barnier sounded a more pessimistic note, with no mention of progress. “Despite EU efforts to find solutions, very serious divergences remain in level playing field, governance & fisheries,” he said on the same platform. “These are essential conditions for any economic partnership.” Barnier added that the EU was “prepared for all scenarios.”

The atmosphere in the talks is said to have been constructive over the past two weeks, according to one person familiar with the process, with progress made on putting together legal texts. But the crucial issues around level playing field and fish continue to trip up the negotiators.

One Brussels diplomat vented

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