Brexit in a single word

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Brexit in a single word

Warning: Look away if you are Theresa May or are offended by mild bad language.


4/11/19, 7:30 PM CET

Updated 4/12/19, 3:26 PM CET

To see a graphic about reactions to Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, view this article in your browser.

How would you sum up Brexit?

In a POLITICO-Hanbury poll, we asked voters in four clusters of key marginal constituencies in the U.K. to describe Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of Brexit in a word of their choice. The results are displayed below in a word cloud, with the most popular responses highlighted.

You can find more about the methodology of the poll here, including a rundown of the areas sampled. To create the graphic above, we combined results from the four constituency clusters. Click here for the POLITICO-Hanbury polling back catalogue.




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“Hanbury conducts snap polls with a sample size of around 500,

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