Brexit? It’s all Greek to me, says PM Tsipras in Athens

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras attends joint statements with his Danish counterpart Lars Loekke Rasmussen after their meeting at the Maximos Mansion in Athens, Greece, April 4, 2019.REUTERS/Costas Baltas

ATHENS (Reuters) – Greece’s prime minister said on Thursday he was struggling to understand Britain’s Brexit machinations and was surprised its political system could not find a way out of the crisis.

Alexis Tsipras – who led Greece when it almost crashed out of the euro zone at the height of its financial travails in 2015 – said he had discussed Britain’s divorce from the European Union with his visiting Danish counterpart.

“Of course, Brexit could not be missing from our discussion. I tried to make the Danish PM wiser and he tried to make me wiser on what’s going on. I am not sure we managed to have the full picture,” Tsipras told reporters.

“The truth is we are a little bit, err… how should I put it, we feel a bit surprised at the inability of the British political


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