Can Britain alone stop Brexit? Scottish court hears appeal

EDINBURGH (Reuters) – Pro-EU campaigners seeking to establish legally that Britain alone could stop the Brexit process took an appeal to Scotland’s top court on Wednesday.

FILE PHOTO: A piper leads protesters waving Saltires and EU flags as they take part in a demonstration to demand a vote on the Brexit deal between Britain and the European Union in Edinburgh, Scotland, March 24, 2018. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

They want judges to ask the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to clarify whether Britain could choose to remain in the world’s biggest trading bloc without permission from the other 27 members. That would require Britain’s parliament to first decide that the final Brexit deal, if and when it is reached, was not good enough.

The case is of renewed relevance as the Conservative government works against the clock to reach agreement with Brussels on the terms of its departure ahead of the March 2019 departure date.

The possibility of Brexit happening without an agreement has pummelled the value of sterling on foreign exchange markets, and the government says it has stepped up planning for that possibility.

The Edinburgh Court of Session hearing, backed by British and Scottish MPs, is an appeal against a June ruling. Judges th


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