Labour’s McDonnell promises nationalisation under a minority government

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Labour Party cautioned smaller parties not to stop it implementing its radical manifesto, including nationalisation, if it forms a minority government after Thursday’s election, telling opponents they would get “shredded” if they do. Britain’s Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell speaks on the economy in London, Britain, December 9, 2019.…


Brexit in January or second referendum – the UK election choice

LONDON (Reuters) – The Dec. 12 election will decide whether the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in January or moves towards another EU referendum. Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to activists and supporters as he poses for a photograph at the Conservative Campaign Headquarters Call Centre in central London, Britain, December 8, 2019.…


General election 2019: Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan ‘presents major challenge’

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Putting Boris Johnson’s plan for Brexit into action will be a “major” challenge for government due to new customs arrangements for Northern Ireland, according to a leaked document. The PM has said the UK will fully exit the EU by December 2020 if he wins the election and MPs approve his…