Conservative and Labour support by young and old voters

How age affects political voting patterns Jump to media player Almost half of Conservative voters are 65 or older, research for a right-leaning think tank finds. What happened with the election polls? Jump to media player Looking at the relevance of age, class, education, turnout and Brexit stance over general election voting. Man behind the…


Brexit in a single word

Tolga Alkmen/AFP via Getty Images Brexit in a single word Warning: Look away if you are Theresa May or are offended by mild bad language. By Eddy Wax 4/11/19, 7:30 PM CET Updated 4/12/19, 3:26 PM CET To see a graphic about reactions to Theresa May’s handling of Brexit, view this article in your browser.…


Brexit: Boris Johnson ‘wrong on no-deal polling claim’

Image copyright Reuters Boris Johnson was wrong to claim there was polling evidence that a no-deal Brexit was the public’s preferred option, the press regulator has ruled.Ipso ordered the Daily Telegraph to print a correction after finding the MP’s column was inaccurate.The claim was made in a piece headlined “The British people won’t be scared…