Conservative and Labour support by young and old voters

  • How age affects political voting patterns

    Almost half of Conservative voters are 65 or older, research for a right-leaning think tank finds.

  • What happened with the election polls?

    Looking at the relevance of age, class, education, turnout and Brexit stance over general election voting.

  • Man behind the maths of exit polls

    Exit pollsters will use computer programs devised by Prof David Firth to forecast the 2017 result.

  • Local elections: Key areas in South East

    Councils all over the South East of England go to the polls on 2 May.

  • Who wants another election soon?

    Do commuters have the appetite to head back to the polls, or had enough of campaigning and candidates?

  • Newport voters on Brexit: Fed up, bored, angry

    As polls close in the Newport West by-election, Goldie Lookin Chain, voters, a

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