Ex-ministers press Theresa May for ‘sensible’ Brexit

Theresa May is facing renewed pressure to listen to moderate voices within her party over Brexit after three former cabinet ministers lobbied the prime minister at No 10 to seek a “sensible” deal for leaving the EU.

May met Amber Rudd, Justine Greening and Damian Green at Downing Street on Wednesday, and they told her the majority of Conservative MPs wanted a compromise deal with the EU.

Rudd, who stepped down as home secretary last month, Greening, the former education secretary, and Green, previously May’s de facto deputy, urged the prime minister to ignore extreme minorities on either side of the debate.

The former ministers have held informal talks with Tory MPs of various views to try to create a consensus for a “pragmatic approach” to the issue, the Times reported.

Rudd told the paper: “That’s where the vast majority of the party is. We just haven’t been as shouty. We wanted to tell the prime minister what lots of MPs are telling us: sensible Brexit please.”

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