Factbox – Brexit delayed: What happens next?

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s exit from the European Union was postponed by a late night agreement in Brussels last week that gave Prime Minister Theresa May until Oct 31 to persuade parliament to approve the terms of the country’s departure.

FILE PHOTO: Anti-Brexit protesters hold EU flags as they demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament, as uncertainty over Brexit continues, in London, Britain, April 11, 2019. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes/File Photo

May has so far been unable to get the exit package she agreed last year with the EU approved by the British parliament, meaning Brexit day has been pushed back to avoid leaving without a deal.

May says she still hopes Britain can leave the EU before the country has to take part in elections for the European Parliament in late May. But, the timetable for doing so is very tight.

Below are details of key events:


May has taken the unusual – and among her own party, unpopular – step of turning to the Labour Party to try to find an exit deal that will win the support of a majority in parliament.

These talks have been going on since April 3 and are expected to continue this week even though parliament is currently not sitting.

Labour says the government has yet to concede any ground, but foreign minister Jeremy Hunt on Monday described the talks as more constructive than people think.


Cabinet Office minister David Lidington said on Sunday the talks could not ‘drag out’ and said it would be time to take stock when parliament returns from its current break on April 23.

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