Factbox – Brexit: What will happen in the British parliament on February 14?

LONDON (Reuters) – The British parliament is set to hold a debate on Brexit on Feb. 14 but this is not a re-run of a vote last month on whether to approve the exit deal Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiated with the European Union.

FILE PHOTO: Prime Minister Theresa May is seen at the European Council headquarters in Brussels, Belgium February 7, 2019. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

May is seeking changes to her deal with Brussels after it was rejected by a record majority in parliament on Jan. 15. She has said she wants to bring a revised deal back to parliament for a vote “as soon as possible” but has not yet set a date for doing so.

She will make a statement to parliament on Tuesday setting out what progress she has made in talks with Brussels. Lawmakers will then debate the subject on Thursday.

Below is what will happen on that day:


May will make a statement to parliament on Feb. 12 updating lawmakers on her progress so far in seeking changes to her deal. She is expected to ask parliament to reaffirm its support for her plan to try and renegotiate the part of the deal relating to the future of the Ireland-Northern Ireland border.

The debate on Feb. 14 will be on a motion – a proposal put forward for debate – about Brexit more generally. The previous similar debate on Jan. 29 was on a motion which simply asked lawmakers to agree that they had considered May’s latest statement on the Brexit negotiations.


Yes. As with the Jan. 29 debate, lawmakers will be able to propose changes, known as amendments. It is likely that many amendments similar to those debated on Jan.

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