Factbox: Brexit – What will happen in the British parliament on February 14?

LONDON (Reuters) – The British parliament will hold a debate on Brexit on Feb. 14. This is not a re-run of a vote last month on whether to approve the exit deal Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiated with the European Union.

May is seeking changes to her deal with Brussels after it was rejected by a record majority in parliament on Jan. 15. She has said she wants to bring a revised deal back to parliament for a vote soon, but has not yet set a date.

On Tuesday, May asked lawmakers to hold their nerve and give her more time to negotiate a deal acceptable to both the European Union and the British parliament.

Below is what will happen on Thursday:


The debate will be on a motion which states that parliament welcomes May’s Feb. 12 update on her progress in seeking changes to the agreement, and reaffirms its support for a vote on Jan. 29 that she should seek to renegotiate the part of the deal relating to the future of the Ireland-Northern Ireland border.


Yes. They are known as amendments.

However this is not expected to be a crunch point in which lawmakers attempt to wrest control of the process away from the government as May has promised that parliament will have another chance to express its opinion on Feb. 27, if it has not approved a revised deal by then.

Opposition Labour Party lawmaker Yvette Cooper has said she will wait until that date to seek lawmakers’ support for legislation that would force the government to make a decision between leaving without a deal or extending the Article 50 negotiation period if it has not had a deal approved by March 13.

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