Factbox: Dominic Cummings – PM Johnson’s cardinal of Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings, who faces calls to resign over a journey made during the coronavirus lockdown, was the architect of Brexit who has become one of the most powerful men in the British government.

Cast, variously, as an anarchist, visionary, Britain’s Rasputin or a political vandal, who is Cummings?

Below are some of his sides.


Cummings, alongside fellow campaigner Matthew Elliott, drove Vote Leave to victory in the 2016 referendum. He is credited with coining the phrase: Take back control.

Behind his bluster, Cummings believes the elites of the West – and the United Kingdom in particular – are out of touch with voters and have consistently failed their people while bailing out big business.

He scorns the accepted Westminster dress code of a suit and tie, wearing jeans and t-shirts in Downing Street, often accompanied by an ill-fitting woolen hat.

Cummings also likes to scold reporters. In 2019, he told Reuters to stop asking about Brexit: “You guys should get outside London and go to talk to people who are not rich remainers.”


After Johnson won the top job in 2019, Cummings was brought into government as one of his most powerful advisers.

He helped Johnson navigate the maze of Brex

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