Factbox – Johnson’s election plan: Brexit, nurses and no more tax rises

TELFORD, England (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched his Conservative Party’s election manifesto on Sunday, vowing to employ another 50,000 nurses, prevent tax rises and complete Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Below are some of the policies set out by the party:


– It promised 23.5 billion pounds ($30.15 billion) worth of tax cuts and public spending between 2020 and 2024, saying the impact on the government’s day-to-day current budget would be close to zero.

– The most expensive tax cut measure was raising the threshold for paying social security contributions – which was announced by Johnson last week – while the lion’s share of the extra spending was on the health service.

– It set out 22 billion pounds of separate capital spending to go on R&D, flood defences, rail links and road improvements. That leaves almost 80 billion pounds in additional investment under earlier plans set out by the finance department.

– It will implement the Digital Services Tax to make sure that major multinational companies pay their fair share of tax.


– It said it would not extend the implementation period beyond December 2020.

– It will start putting Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement through parliament before Christmas so that Britain can leave the European Union by the end of January, and move into the implementation period.


– The party said it would employ 50,000 more nurses, with students receiving a grant during training to help with their cost of living which will not have to be repaid.

– It will spend 1 billi

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