Factbox: What are Britain’s pro-EU Liberal Democrats promising in election?

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s pro-European Union Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto on Wednesday, setting out the policies they would put into place if they are elected to government on Dec. 12.

The party is in third place in opinion polls and expected to fall a long way short of forming their own majority government. But if there is no clear winner they may have a key role in deciding what policies a minority government can implement.

Their central policy was emblazoned across the front of the manifesto’s yellow and orange patterned cover: “Stop Brexit, build a brighter future”


The party wants to stop Brexit and has said if it is elected with a majority it will revoke Article 50. If it is not, it will fight for a second referendum with an option to stay in the EU.

It says stopping Brexit will generate a “remain bonus” of 50 billion pounds over the next five years because the economy will grow faster than it would have done outside the EU. It plans to use that money to invest in public services and tackling inequality.


– Invest 130 billion pounds in infrastructure over the next five years, including public transport upgrades, broadband, housing, sch

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