Factbox – Who has submitted letters of no confidence in PM May?

LONDON (Reuters) – Some lawmakers in Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party have said they have submitted letters of no confidence in the British leader.

A leadership challenge is triggered if 48 Conservatives write such letters to the chairman of the party’s so-called 1922 committee, Graham Brady. May could be toppled if 158 of her 315 lawmakers vote against her.

Brady said on Sunday the threshold to trigger a vote had not yet been reached.

Lawmakers do not have to reveal publicly whether they have written a letter, but those below have chosen to do so:

1) JACOB REES-MOGG – submitted his letter on Thursday

“It is of considerable importance that politicians stick to their commitments or do not make such commitments in the first place. Regrettably, this is not the situation,” he said in his letter.

2) HENRY SMITH – tweeted a picture of his letter on Thursday

3) SHERYLL MURRAY – said on Thursday she had submitted a letter.

4) ANNE MARIE-MORRIS – said on Thursday she had submitted a letter

“I am not alone and I do it with a heavy heart but now it’s the country that matter more than absolutely anything else,” she told the BBC.

5) LEE ROWLEY – said on Thursday he had submitted a letter

“I’ve written that because sadly I have come to the conclusion that the prime minister isn’t going to change her policy and I wish she would,” he told ITV news.

6) STEVE BAKER – submitted his letter on Oct. 22.

“While I am clear these (proposals) will be defeated in the commons, there seems little point allowing the Captain to continue running the ship towards the rocks and so I write with regret to request a vote of no confidence in our leader.”


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