Germany’s Merkel to meet border residents on Brexit visit to Ireland

DUBLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet residents who live along the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland during a visit to Dublin on Thursday to discuss Brexit to learn what impact any return of frontier checks would have on their lives.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel addresses the media during a meeting of the Prime Ministers of Germany’s eastern federal states in Neudietendorf near Erfurt, Germany, April 3, 2019. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

Ireland’s 500 km (350 mile) border with British-governed Northern Ireland will be the United Kingdom’s only EU land frontier after Brexit, and the question of how to retain seamless trade across it has been a major hurdle in efforts to ensure the UK quits the bloc in an orderly fashion.

That becomes an even more difficult task if Britain leaves the bloc without a deal as Dublin has pledged to maintain the integrity of the European Union’s single market, where goods move freely around the bloc without the need for checks.

Britain, Ireland and the EU fear the installation of physical customs infrastructure on the border could reignite largely dormant sectarian tensions and prove a tempting target for militants seeking


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