Going to war over weak tea

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Recipe for transatlantic tension: Take one combustible president and one global pandemic, heat in the microwave, add milk and mix well. If it tastes anything other than bitter, you’ve done it wrong.

Yes, the transatlantic relationship seems to be hanging by a thread. The EU wants to ban travelers from the U.S. from entering the bloc when it reopens its borders next month because it wouldn’t make it onto a coronavirus safe list. OUCH! And China is on the safe list. DOUBLE OUCH!

Surely that won’t be a problem for Donald Trump, a man so thin-skinned you can see his internal organs and who bears grudges to such an extent that he used a rally in Tulsa to demonstrate that he can drink a glass of water using one hand, after being mocked for appearing to struggle to take a sip a week earlier. The few people who did turn up in Tulsa gave the president a round of applause for taking that drink! They also risked getting coronavirus — what in medical terms is known as a cluster, or in this case a clusterfuck.

But the Americans are fighting back, thanks to Michelle.

The Sons of Liberty have nothing on this American housewife living in the U.K. whose recipes for supposed British food and drink have so enraged an entire nation that the U.K. ambassador to the U.S. was forced to fight back. Michelle’s main crime? Her tea-making. In one video on social media,

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