Leo Varadkar: UK must offer ‘credible’ plan to get new Brexit extension

Leo Varadkar and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold a press conference in Dublin | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Leo Varadkar: UK must offer ‘credible’ plan to get new Brexit extension

‘There is very little time left and we have to prepare ourselves for all outcomes,’ says Irish PM.

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4/4/19, 7:33 PM CET

Updated 4/5/19, 4:17 AM CET

The U.K. needs to present a “credible and realistic way forward” to secure another extension to Brexit beyond April 12, Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said Thursday.

At a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel following a bilateral meeting in Dublin, Varadkar said the European Council had granted the U.K. extra time beyond the original March 29 deadline “to enable it to provide and find a majority for the way forward.”

“I think that we need to be patient and understanding of the predicament that they’re in. But of course any further extension must require and must have a credible and realistic way forward,” Varadkar said.

Merkel told reporters that she would try “until the last hour” to avoid a no-deal outcome.

She said she hopes that “the intensive discussions ongoing in London” would bear fruit by next Wednesday, so that “Prime Minister Theresa May will have something to table to us on the basis of which we can continue to talk” at a special European Council summit.

Varadkar said he had discussed with Merkel their plans for a potential no-deal outcome.

Varadkar said EU countries were open to the prospect of further amendments to the Brexit Political Declaration agreed with May “should the U.K.

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