Liberal Democrat leader stands by promise to cancel Brexit

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson | Peter Summers/Getty Images

Liberal Democrat leader stands by promise to cancel Brexit

The party’s leader said it would be “a nonsense” for the UK’s most pro-EU party to negotiate a Brexit deal should they win power in the upcoming election.


12/11/19, 8:02 AM CET

Updated 12/11/19, 8:15 AM CET

LONDON — Britain’s only political party pledging to cancel Brexit if it wins power on December 12 is “just being honest,” its leader said.

Jo Swinson, whose Liberal Democrats have gone into reverse in the polls since the U.K.’s general election was called, admitted the opportunity for a “seismic change” in British politics, which many predicted earlier in the year, had “moved on for the immediate moment.”

Activists have raised concerns about the party’s controversial decision to pledge to halt the process of pulling Britain out of the European Union without a second referendum, a policy which many say has gone down badly with voters.

However, Swinson defended the decision.

Speaking to POLITICO’s London Playbook, she said the party had debated and voted on the policy at its conference in September.

“It has the virtue of just being honest, we still support a People’s Vote and still want to stop Brexit in any way that we can. The thought that we would go and negotiate Brexit as the most pro-European party is a nonsense, right?” she said.

It is a “pretty mainstream” position to want to remain in the EU,

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