May and Corbyn hold ‘constructive’ talks on Brexit

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have been in talks today about how to reach a Brexit compromise | Tolga Akmen/AFP via Getty Images

May and Corbyn hold ‘constructive’ talks on Brexit

The UK prime minister has recognized that she needs Labour votes to enact Brexit.


4/3/19, 8:40 PM CET

Updated 4/3/19, 8:42 PM CET

LONDON — Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn held “constructive” talks on Brexit, both Downing Street and the Labour leader’s office said, as the unlikely pairing discussed a potential compromise to break the impasse in the House of Commons.

Negotiating teams will meet again on Wednesday evening before another day of talks on Thursday, government officials said.

“Today’s talks were constructive, with both sides showing flexibility and a commitment to bring the current Brexit uncertainty to a close. We have agreed a program of work to ensure we deliver for the British people, protecting jobs and security,” a Downing Street spokesperson said.

Labour also gave a relatively upbeat assessment of the status of the talks. “We have had constructive exploratory discussions about how to break the Brexit deadlock,” a party spokesman said.

Corbyn himself said there had not been “as much change as I expected, but we will have further discussions tomorrow to explore technical issues.”

“I put forward the view from the Labour Party that we want to achieve a customs union with the EU, access to the Single Market and dynamic regulatory alignment, that is a guarantee of European regulations as a minimum on the environment,

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