May asks MPs for ‘honourable compromises’ to back Brexit deal

British Prime Minister Theresa May | Leon Neal/Getty Images

May asks MPs for ‘honourable compromises’ to back Brexit deal

The prospect of Britain being forced to vote in the European Parliament election ‘hardly bears thinking about,’ May writes in the Telegraph.


3/17/19, 10:36 AM CET

Updated 3/17/19, 11:17 AM CET

Prime Minister Theresa May today asked Britain’s MPs to “stand together as democrats and patriots” to back her Brexit deal.

Writing in the Telegraph, May lent heavily on the prospect that delays to Brexit could force Britain to vote in May’s European Parliament election as a reason why the House of Commons must support her deal.

After parliament last week rejected leaving the EU without a deal and declined to support a second public vote on Brexit, May is undertaking a last-ditch push to convince MPs to back her Brexit deal at the third time of asking, in a vote this week.

She said her deal “is the only way through the current impasse.”

“If Parliament can find a way to back the Brexit deal before European Council [which meets Thursday], the UK will leave the EU this spring, without having to take part in the European elections, and we can get on with building our future relationship with the EU,” she wrote. “If it cannot, we will not leave the EU for many months, if ever.”

If the U.K. parliament backs her deal this week May said she would seek “a short technical extension to pass the necessary legislation.”

“The alternative if Parliament cannot agree the deal by that time is much worse,” she wrote.

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