Northern Ireland police say officers targeted in border explosion

BELFAST (Reuters) – Police in Northern Ireland said a device that exploded near the border with Ireland on Monday was designed to lure in and kill officers examining a nearby hoax who were lucky to escape with their lives.

Police on both sides of the open border fear if checkpoints return after Brexit they could become a target for militant groups opposed to peace in the region.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain will leave the European Union with or without a transition deal on Oct. 31. The border between Northern Ireland and Ireland will become Britain’s only land frontier with the EU.

How to avoid border checks that existed before a 1998 peace accord ended three decades of violence in Northern Ireland has become the most contentious part of Brexit negotiations.

The explosion on Monday occurred near a busy road in an area of County Fermanagh just a few kilometres from the Irish border. Police said they received a report of a suspect nearby late on Saturday and officers still at the scene early on Mond


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