ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Johnson’s ‘therapeutic’ debate prep

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain holds an election on Dec. 12, a political gamble by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who sees it as his best chance to break the deadlock in parliament over Brexit.

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson poses for a photo wearing boxing gloves during a stop in his General Election Campaign trail at Jimmy Egan’s Boxing Academy in Manchester, Britain November 19, 2019. Frank Augstein/Pool via REUTERS

The parties are on the campaign trail, travelling the length and breadth of the UK to drum up support.

Following are some colourful snapshots from the election trail:


Boris Johnson will face Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the first televised debate of the campaign later on Tuesday.

Both leaders have been preparing for their head-to-head in their own way.

Corbyn, a lifelong pacifist, posted a video online of himself in a barber shop getting a beard trim.

Johnson took a more pugilistic approach, stepping into a boxing ring in Manchester and throwing punches for the cameras.

Suddenly wary of sending the wrong message, however, Johnson paused to explain to the attending media: “I don’t want to be too aggressive here. This is more therapeutic boxing than aggressive boxing. This is boxing as therapy.”


Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson faced an unusual question this morning during an interview with

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