ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Nigel Farage signs contract with voters

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain holds an election on Dec. 12, a political gamble by Prime Minister Boris Johnson who sees it as his best chance to break the deadlock in parliament over Brexit.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage signs a placard at the launch of the party’s policy launch in London, Britain, November 22, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

The parties are on the campaign trail, travelling the length and breadth of the United Kingdom to drum up support.

Following are some colourful snapshots from the election trail:


When is a manifesto not a manifesto? Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says it is when it’s a ‘contract with the people’.

On Friday, Farage eschewed the election campaign tradition of a manifesto launch, a glitzy media event to promote a book of policies the party wants to implement if it wins power.

Instead, he invited a roomful of journalists, left a small book of his party’s policies on each seat and made a grand entrance to a thumping soundtrack (‘Power’ by Kanye West).

“This is not a manifesto, because a word association test for manifesto gave us the word ‘lies’,” he said from the stage. “It is a contract with the people.”

He then signed an oversized mock-up copy of the document.


Campaign managers plan every detail of their leaders’ diary, considering how each aspect of the day will be perceived by voters when photographed and played out on television screens.

Earlier this year Johnson was unceremoniously stripped of his coffee by an aide who spotted it was in an environmentally unfriendly single-use cup. In 2015 then-Labour leader

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