‘Order!’ – Meet the Belgian musician behind the Bercow dance remix

ANTWERP (Reuters) – The famous bellows of “Order!” by former British parliamentary Speaker John Bercow have shimmied their way out of Westminster and into a dance remix gone viral at the hands of Belgian dance musician Michael Schack.

“John Bercow is probably the most rock ‘n’ roll politician in the whole Brexit saga,” Schack told Reuters in an interview.

The video, featuring an intense beat and muppet versions of Bercow, as well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has amassed tens of thousands of views on YouTube views since Schack uploaded it on Oct. 24.

Bercow’s sometimes caustic put-downs of lawmakers and his contorted cries of “Order!” as he refereed House of Commons debates on the tortuous Brexit saga have made him one of the most recognisable figures in British politics.

Schack was looking for vocals for a dance track he had produced and he turned to Bercow and his trademark ripostes after watching the debates.

“There was one guy that

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