Parliament’s petition website re-opened

Laptop Image copyright Getty Images Image caption During the 2017-19 Conservative government, 28,102 petitions were submitted

Parliament’s petitions website is once again accepting submissions after being closed for the general election.

Petitions that gain 10,000 signatures will receive a government response, while 100,000 signatures will trigger a debate in Parliament.

During the 2017-19 Tory government, 28,102 petitions were submitted to the site, up from 10,950 in 2015-17.

A petition to remain in the EU received the highest number of signatures so far – 6,103,056 – in March 2019.

Other notable petitions including one urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to suspend Parliament in 2019, signed by 1.7m people,.

Another petition, to stop US President Donald Trump from making a State visit to the UK in 2017, was signed by 1.8m people.

In the last Parliament, 456 petitions received a response from the government and 74 petitions were debated in the House of Commons.

Since the website launched in 2015, more than 23 milli

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