POLITICO’s guide to the Brexit negotiations

Take your marks. Ready. Set. Go.

Both the EU and the U.K. have published detailed negotiating positions and are now ready to fire the starting gun on the next phase of Brexit talks.

For both sides, these are unprecedented negotiations. Battle lines are drawn and slide wars are underway, and it’s time to look each other in the eye and start talking to determine the future relationship between the EU and its former member country for decades to come.

POLITICO has you covered for everything you need to know about this next phase of negotiations.

The players 

Michel Barnier: The European Commission chief Brexit negotiator has won plaudits from across the EU for his work on the first phase of the Brexit talks, especially for maintaining unity among the EU’s 27 countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel went so far as hailing the Brexit deal as a “diplomatic masterpiece.” EU diplomats also praise the patient consultation and consensus building of the former French minister. 

Clara Martínez Alberola: Michel Barnier’s deputy is new to the Brexit job, but Martínez Alberola knows the drill. As one of the first Spaniards to join the EU’s civil service after Madrid’s accession to the bloc, she has spent her entire career in EU institutions and is known for combining cross-sector knowledge and management skills with political smarts. 

João Vale de Almeida, the new EU ambassador to the U.K., will be in the room for the high-level negotiations alongside Michel Barnier.

David McAllister: As chair of the European Parliament’s U.K. Coordination Group, the German MEP David McAllister is the new Guy Verhofstadt,

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