Politics Live: Highlights of UK politics in 2019

  • Staring at the politics highlights of 2019

    Leadership races, a general election and a lot of Brexit dominated the Politics Live programme throughout the year.

  • Goodbye to the Daily Politics after 15 years

    There have been around 2,700 editions of the Daily Politics from 2003-2018, with Andrew Neil, Daisy Sampson, Jenny Scott, Anita Anand and Jo Coburn as the main presenters.

  • Reviewing the political summer term

    The recess could be a relief for some in Westminster away from economic woes, coalition in-fighting, opinion polls and security worries ahead of the Olympic games.

  • Do you recall these campaign highlights?

    Some of the election campaign highlights that appeared on the Daily Politics in the last few weeks.

  • Political images of 2016

    Political highlights of the year snapped by Press Association photographer Stefan Rousseau

  • Daily Politics celebrates first 10 years

    The Daily Politics is celebrating its tenth anniversary of weekday political programming though the Blair, Brown and Cameron years and two general elections.

  • Political montage of 2014 highlights

    Political highlights from the Daily Politics studio and Parliament in a round-up of some memories of 2014.

  • The politics of 2016 in five minutes

    From Brexit to a new prime minister, and leadership contests for Labour and UKIP.

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