Pornhub and other controversial ways to win votes

Joachim Olsen Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The former Shot Put athlete chose to run advertisements on adult site PornHub

In the internet age, politicians have had to work harder to have their campaigns heard, with some resorting to ever more extreme measures.

With Instagram stories and Snapchat profiles now mainstream, PornHub has become the latest platform for politicians looking to get their message across to members of the public.

Here’s a look at some of the most controversial ways they have tried to attract potential voters online.

Danish politician campaigns on PornHub ahead of general election

Joachim B. Olsen advertised on the adult site, urging people to vote for him when they were finished using the website.

Denmark’s election is on 5 June.

The former athlete had hundreds of comments on his Facebook page after his advertisement was spotted online.

He was forced to confirm that it was real, writing on social media that he hoped it gave people a “good laugh.”

Beto O’Rourke live streams trip to the dentist

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The presidential candidate filmed himself at the dentist

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke live streamed his trip to the hygienist in January as part of a series highlighting people’s experiences in border towns.

Mr O’Rourke was captured having his teeth cleaned before he then spoke to Diana who told his followers about growing up in El Paso.

The move had mixed opinions online with one person claiming it was “self-parody territory” while others accused him of over sharing.

German political candidate uses Tinder to campaign

In 2016, Alexander Freier, a candidate in the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives used Tinder as a way of engaging with potential voters.

Instead of using pictures of himself, Mr Freier’s profile images were campaign slogans such as “Berlin Stays Gay.”

He told the Berliner Zeitung that it was “good to be where the people are.”

Mr Freier added that people had flirted with him on the site but he had to “separate politics and his private life.”

Nigel Farage takes trip down the Thames ahead of Brexit vote

Image copyright Press Association Image caption Mr Farage urged politicians to urge Parliament to take control of British waters

Mr Farage led a flotilla of fishing boats along the Thames to urge Parliament to take back control of British waters.

The move was organised by Fishing for Leave in the hope of highlighting the plight of the fishing industry.

However it was intercepted by a Remain fleet of ships carrying Bob Geldof who used a megaphone to call Mr Farage a “fraud.

Mr Farage accused Mr Geldof of “mocking”

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