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Labour struggles to hold on in Scotland

EDINBURGH — As a Labour Party MP seeking reelection in Scotland, Danielle Rowley is hoping to beat the odds. Once the country’s dominant political force, the Scottish Labour party finds itself fighting for its life ahead of the U.K. general election on December 12. According to the polls, Labour is on course to lose six of…


General election 2019: Labour seeks to keep focus on NHS

Image copyright PA Media/AFP/Getty Images Labour claims NHS under-funding is putting patients at risk and the Tories are warning about a hung parliament, as the election enters its final stretch.With two days to go, Labour is pledging a “relentless focus” on the health service if it wins power.Prime Minister Boris Johnson will try to keep…


General election 2019: Under-30s question politicians in TV debate

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionArgument between Farage and Rayner on Question Time Senior politicians faced questions on housing, climate change and trust from an audience of young people in a Question Time election special.The election debate also saw exchanges over Brexit and the possibility of another referendum. Labour’s Angela Rayner clashed…