Ten seats to watch in Scotland

The snap general election campaign is now in full swing ahead of voting on December 12. Here are 10 constituencies in Scotland which could tell the story of the contest.

1. North East Fife

Image copyright Peter Gordon / Geograph Image caption This part of Fife recorded an above-average Remain vote, even by Scottish standards

2017 general election: SNP hold (0.1% majority)

Referendums: 55% No; 64% Remain

Target for: Lib Dems

Contestants: Wendy Chamberlain (LD); Stephen Gethins (SNP); Wendy Haynes (Lab); Tony Milinski (Con)

This seat was held by the narrowest margin in the entire of the UK in 2017, with the SNP’s Stephen Gethins seeing off a Lib Dem challenge by just two votes – after three recounts.

The Lib Dems have thus had their eye on this as a target for some time. They selected their candidate, Wendy Chamberlain, in June 2018.

The SNP and Lib Dems are locked in a fierce battle for the backing of pro-European voters – particularly here, given the above-average Remain vote in the area.

So the result in this squeakiest of seats will answer a lot of questions about this election. Whose vote is going up and whose is going down, how much tactical voting is going on, and who can capitalise best on pro-European votes?

2. Gordon

Image caption Colin Clark took Gordon for the Tories in 2017 – at the expense of Alex Salmond

2017 general election: Conservative gain from SNP (4.9% majority)

Referendums: 60% No; 62% Remain

Target for: SNP; Lib Dems

Contestants: Colin Clark (Con); Heather Herbert (Lab); James Oates (LD); Richard Thomson (SNP)

One of the big Scottish stories of election night in 2017 was former SNP leader Alex Salmond losing his Gordon seat to Tory Colin Clark.

The exit poll had actually predicted the seat could fall – to the Lib Dems, who had held the seat for 30 years before Mr Salmond came along.

So can the Tories hold on to it this time, in the post-Ruth Davidson era? And if not, who might take it – the SNP, or the Lib Dems?

This seat could tell us a lot about how big an impact tactical voting by backers of the pro-UK parties is going to have. In 2017, the Lib Dem vote plummeted while the Tory one jumped, with the target of taking a big scalp in Mr Salmond.

But without that incentive to unite them, will former Lib Dem backers in the north east turn out for what is now the party of Boris “Brexit do or die” Johnson?

3. Lanark and Hamilton East

Image caption There were fewer than 400 votes between the SNP,

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