UK Conservatives storm ahead in election funding race

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes a campaign stop in Newton Aycliffe, England on November 20, 2019 | Pool photo by Frank Augstein/AFP via Getty Images

UK Conservatives storm ahead in election funding race

Labour has received less in large donations than the Tories, Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party.


11/21/19, 5:19 PM CET

Updated 11/21/19, 5:28 PM CET

LONDON — The Conservative Party amassed a vast pile of cash through donations during the first week of the U.K. election campaign — far more than any other party.

Boris Johnson’s party raised more than £5.6 million in large donations between November 6 and 12, according to figures published by the Electoral Commission. The figures include only donations above £7,500.

Labour declared £218,500. The party’s chairman Ian Lavery said the campaign was funded with smaller donations. “While the Conservative Party is in the pockets of vested interests and the super-rich, we are proud that the Labour Party is funded by hundreds of thousands of people donating what they can afford to build a fairer society,” he said. “Labour is on the side of the people and the Tories are on the side of the billionaires.”

Labour was fourth on the list, behind the Liberal Democrats on £275,000 and the Brexit Party on £250,000.

However, Labour announced on November 7 that it had raised more than £1 million for its election effort in the past 10 days. The party says the average small donation it has received at this election is £24.87.

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