UK government to face challenges to May’s Brexit plan in parliament

The Houses of Parliament are seen through railings, in central London, Britain November 21, 2018. REUTERS/Peter Nicholls

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Theresa May’s bid to win approval for her Brexit deal will have to overcome attempts to block or change it by rival lawmakers on Dec. 11, a proposed format for the debate published on Wednesday showed.

The government has set out the details of a debate on a motion to approve May’s plan to take the country out of the European Union, allowing for amendments to be discussed which could try to reshape the deal she brought back from Brussels.

The format of the debate has been keenly awaited to see whether rivals would have a chance to test their alternative exit plans, such as remaining in the EU’s customs union or making exit conditional upon a second referendum.

Any such amendments would not be legally binding on the government, but would prove politically hard to ignore.

May already has an arduous task to get the motio


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