UK ‘less safe’ without Brexit deal, says police chief

The U.K. will be “less safe” if the British government and the EU fail to reach a deal on their future relationship post Brexit, said Neil Basu, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism police chief.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newscast podcast Basu, who is an assistant commissioner with the Met Police, said that a deal on security should “either retain or improve on the current position” that the U.K. has today. As an EU member, U.K. police had access to intelligence sharing databases to help catch suspects and draw links between crimes in different countries — an arrangement that has continued during the transition period — but such cross-border cooperation is threatened by Brexit.

With negotiators still deadlocked on a Brexit deal and time running out, there are increasing fears that an accord will not be reached. Major sticking points such as fishing access to U.K. wate

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