Why are you not in parliament? Heckler interrupts PM Johnson

LONDON (Reuters) – Boris Johnson was heckled by a protester in northern England on Friday over his controversial decision to suspend parliament for more than a month in the weeks before Britain is due to leave the European Union.

Johnson, a former London mayor who helped lead the campaign to leave the EU, has angered his critics by suspending parliament until Oct. 14.

The government has said it is a normal part of the process of launching a new legislative programme, but Johnson’s opponents have accused the prime minister of trying to prevent them scrutinising his Brexit plans.

“Why are you not with them in parliament sorting out the mess that you have created,” a man shouted as Johnson delivered a speech in Rotherham about giving more power to northern cities.

As he tried to return to his speech, Johnson replied: “I’m very happy to get back to parliament very soon.”

He later said from the stage that the heckler had been thrown out, adding the man had “left prematurely, not necessarily under his own steam”.

It was the third time this month that Johnson has been heckled

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