World’s cartoonists on this week’s events


8/15/20, 4:01 AM CEST

Block €25M sale of secluded island, say Italy’s heritage defenders

Gallinara, off Italy’s northwest coast, has been sold to the son of a Ukrainian tycoon — but the state could intervene.

8/15/20, 4:00 AM CEST

World’s cartoonists on this week’s events

Drawing the top stories around the globe.

8/14/20, 9:50 PM CEST

UK government faces elitism row after algorithm downgrades pupils

The controversy has reignited a debate about education and class.

8/14/20, 9:02 PM CEST

EU takes first step toward Belarus sanctions

‘Work begins on sanctioning those responsible for violence and falsification,’ the bloc’s foreign policy chief says.

8/14/20, 6:51 PM CEST

In Belarus’ poker game, Russia holds a winning hand

As protests approach the point of no return, options for Lukashenko and for the West are rapidly getting fewer. For Moscow, they are all still wide open.

8/14/20, 4:08 PM CEST

EU foreign policy chief Borrell welcomes Israel-UAE deal

Bloc’s top diplomat also urges Israel to abandon annexation plans.

8/14/20, 3:19 PM CEST

Belarus frees protesters as workers turn on Lukashenko

‘After 26 years of sleeping, we have awoken,’ says one anti-Lukashenko protester.

8/14/20, 2:50 PM CEST

Mike Pompeo: Lifting Iranian arms embargo would be ‘just nuts’

Letting Tehran buy weapons would increase terrorist threat, U.S.

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